Bamboo chopstick making line

Name:Bamboo chopstick making line
Model No::0

  • Bamboo chopstick making line

Product Description

1.Machine is individule and easy to operate. All machine has adjusted prior to delivery.

2.Manpower: Need 4-5 workers to operate the full line of machines.

3.Chopstick packing machine is available.

4.Place: The total weight of the machine line is 2400kg,total cubic is 11.08m3,so you need at lest 50-100 cubic place to work,because you also need place to put final chopsticks and raw materials.

5.It can make 200,000 to 240,000 pairs per 8 hours, every 100kg of raw bamboo can make 8,000 pairs chopstick of 190x4.5-5,5mm. you can choose to make 190-240mm length of chopsticks.

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