Wooden Sticks ordering machine

Name:Wooden Sticks ordering machine
Model No::ODM-114
Production capacity:250,000pcs/hour
G.Weight:850kg for 3 packages
Use:Wooden ice cream stick, tongue depress, wooden spoon fork knife, round sticks, coffee stirrers etc.

  • Wooden Sticks ordering machine

Product Description

Wooden sticks ordering machine is levelling the mess sticks after polishing process. The machine use for wooden ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, coffee stirrer, ice cream spoon , fork, knine and wooden round sticks. It is a must needed machine in production plant.

Power : 2.5kw
Production capacity: abt. 250,000pcs/hr
Gross Wt: 650kg
Gross Wt: 820kg (3 packages)

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